The New Generation of Synesso

By Richard Muhl on Tuesday, 12 April 2011 at 2:51 pm | Product News | Technical | Industry News and Events

The Synesso brand will soon reveal its new generation of espresso machines to the Australian market. As the May release date draws near, it seemes appropriate to not only take a look at how Synesso has transcended space and time to become the piece of technological art it is today, but also to spend a few minutes discussing some of the hot new features built into the brand’s new generation of machines.

The Synesso is firmly established as the world’s premier commercial espresso machine for good reason. The impressive specifications, quality engineering and unique styling have all made the Synesso top of the wish list for the cafe owner who seeks to provide their customers with high quality coffee.

From day one, the philosophy of the designer and company co-founder Mark Barnett has been to listen to the people who actually make the coffee. The first result was the Cyncra, a multiple boiler espresso machine that achieves unprecedented temperature stability, while allowing the barista complete control over the pre-infusion and shot length. In 2006, as a result of discussions with Five Senses Coffee owner Dean Gallagher, Mark developed a fully automatic version which went on to be named the Sabre. The machine’s ability to automate the shots opened up a completely new market amongst those who wanted a machine with all of the advanced features of the Cyncra, but with the ability to programme the shot volumes.

In the eight years since development began, the Cyncra and later the Sabre, have been undergoing continuous development and refinement. The 2009 introduction of the Synesso Hydra made multiple brew pumps with individual pre-infusion timers available for the first time. In May this year, with more than 1000 units already in service, Synesso will launch its completely redesigned 2nd generation machine.

Aesthetically, the new machine retains the unique styling that makes a Synesso instantly recognisable around the world. That said, every panel on the new machine has been redesigned to give it a fresh, updated look. There are new group top assemblies. Cup grates are now flush with the front and rear panels, and there is an inbuilt single bar safari rack. The drain tray has been revamped to enhance draining and there is a cool new grate design with cup locators. The most significant (yet least visible) upgrade is the completely new control electronics. All of the machine’s I/O devices such as switches, solenoids, pumps, heating elements and temperature sensors are controlled by software on the CPU board. With the exception of the brew pumps, all high voltage switching is now carried out by solid state relays that are individually replaceable and located away from the main board to prevent damage should one fail. As new functions and features are developed, they are added simply by installing a new version of the software. The main display screen and input device is a four line LCD that is attached by cable for easy access meaning the barista doesn’t have to poke around under the machine.

Other new functions include a power saving and a cleaning mode. There are also optional shot timers that display the shot time in two large white LED digits. The new hot water switch incorporates piezo electric technology giving it a service life of 20 million actuations. The Hydra is now fitted with four stage pressure ramping. A bypass valve fitted to the brew pump introduces an intermediate pressure that is used by the system to create a pre-infusion ramp and rear step that produces incredible shots.

The second generation Synesso will be available in Australia from mid-May as the Cyncra and Sabre, in 2 or 3 groups. The Hydra is also available as 1, 2 or 3 group and comes with four stage pressure ramping as standard and either Manual or Volumetric groups. Even with the array of impressive new features, we have been able to maintain the same pricing for the complete range of machines. If you happen to be attending the SCAA in Houston later this month, make sure you drop by the Synesso booth. You can pull some shots and experience the new Synesso for yourself.