Over the past ten years the specialty coffee world has grappled with the challenge of creating a more equitable supply chain, endeavouring to reward coffee producers more appropriately for their hard work. As a result, a slightly bewildering array of certifications has popped up to try to protect the rights of the farmer and/or environment. At their best, some of these certifications have achieved some gains for the farmer and we applaud their efforts. But many have not been as successful and don’t serve the farmer or the specialty coffee industry as they initially intended.

We have chosen to use the term “Partnership Coffee” to reflect our attitude to our relationships with coffee farmers. We believe it best represents our long term commitment to and involvement with our coffee partners. This commitment allows producers to make plans and invest in their farms, communities and the education of their children.

The strongest partnerships are always forged when both parties bring their complementary strengths to the relationship, creating value and making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. Buying partnership coffee makes you part of this equation.

Thank you — and welcome!

For information on which coffees are part of our Partnership Coffee programme, click on the coffee logos (right).