Our Shop | Coffee

Our range of coffee and coffee blends have been sourced, created, and roasted with much deliberation. Our line up is highly comprehensive demonstrating a wide range of the beauty, seasonality, and flavour found in coffee.

Single Origins

Coffee is an agricultural and consequently seasonal product. It wonderfully takes on the terroir or sense of place of where it is grown. We gladly take the long trips to source exemplary coffee with the intent to construct a highly dynamic and comprehensive offering.


Bringing together origins from around the globe to form one coffee experience is an art and much like a good meal, becomes more than a sum of its parts. With a trained eye over the current coffee landscape, we have created blends with purposeful intent. Our aim is to create 4 profiled blends, focused on flavour and end use, which sit distinctly in the marketplace.


Named, quite literally, after the ‘back room’ where these gems were once kept, the Backroom is the avenue where we offer some of our most distinct coffees. Sourced from many of our travels and or purchased from a variety of auctions these “micro-lots” are offered as a limited release. Each coffee is chosen for its impeccable quality.