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Tasting Notes

Coating and syrupy mouthfeel, winey, red apple, lime, caramel, lingering and complex aftertaste.

Coffee Information

Producer Group
1800masl +
Sun dried

The municipality of Caldono is located on the western side of the Colombian Andes, or central mountain range. It encompasses 86 small villages, four indigenous reservations and two indigenous councils which belong to the ethnic group ‘Paeces de Tierradentro.’

Although the Caldono group lies relatively close to our friends from Monseratte, the profile on this side of the mountain is distinctly different and unique with its sweet, fruity tones and heavy syrupy body.

This coffee is grown at high elevation (1800masl) and is largely made up of Caturra and Typica varieties. Everything is handpicked and then delivered to the washing stations where it is pulped and sun dried.

We buy coffees like Caldono for their amazing ability to be an exceptional stand alone coffee. As both espresso and filter roast, its balance and acidic nuances present as a fresh and crisp representation in the cup.

One of the other reasons we look to Colombia for the freshest arrivals is because of their bi-annual harvest. Many regions have both a main and fly crop, which equates to a continual flow of fresh coffees for us all year round.

The Caldono fly crop is from Oct. – Nov. and the main crop from April – June.