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Tasting Notes

Toffee, thick & coating mouthfeel, red grape, juicy, lime, cider, creamy.

Coffee Information

Kirundo / Muyinga
1500 - 1700masl
Sun dried
Burundi is a very small east African country which is only now really beginning to show what it can offer the specialty coffee world. Many years of civil unrest have had an undeniable impact on the people of this landlocked country and it seems that coffee production has quite literally saved many lives.

There is something really special in the cup when it comes to East African coffees and Burundi shares a border with two very well known coffee producing countries, Tanzania and Rwanda. Like their neighbours, production is dominated by thousands and thousands of smallholder farmers who organise and sell their coffees as part of a co-operative. Therefore a single purchased lot of coffee can impact many lives.

Buying coffee from smallholder farmers isn’t without its challenges, but there are equally many benefits which are worth highlighting. One of the biggest advantages is often in the variety, as many of the smallholder farmers have held on to their original varieties instead of replanting with new, high yielding hybrids. We believe that this alone has had a huge impact on the coffee’s flavour profile.

Smallholder farming also often means few, if any, chemical fertilisers or pesticides are used as the ‘farm’ is more of large garden and purchasing expensive chemicals is neither traditional nor affordable.

This lot is made up of Bourbon and Jackson varieties and is a blend from four different washing stations: GASURA, BUTIHINDA, MUTARISHWA and MURAGO.