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Tasting Notes

High flavour intensity, heavy bodied, dark cherry, bittersweet chocolate, winey, savoury, lingering aftertaste.

Coffee Information

Lintong Nihuta
Farm / Farms
Togas Gopas Estate
1350 masl
Sun dried

We love Sumatran coffees for their wild, distinct and intensely flavoursome cups. Over the years we’ve continued to spend more time on the ground in search of coffees that embrace the unique Sumatran flavour profile with a consistency and clarity of flavor only found in specialty preparation.

Togos Gopas is a single variety estate coffee located South of Lake Toba in the Lintong Nihuta region. The drive out to the farm is rugged and the road is covered in large boulders. It’s an attempt by the farmers to fight off landslides and ensure they are able to transport their coffees during the rainy season.

Togos Gopas is an impressive new estate that is working really hard with specialty coffee production in mind right from the start. They have 45 hectares of prime growing land in the heart of the Lintong region. The estate is extremely well organised and there are plans in coming harvests continue to develop their offerings with experimental processing techniques. The coffee trees are only 3-4 years old and are just beginning to produce a healthy supply of cherries.

This single variety ?Sigalaruntang" estate coffee is a very good example of a controlled / wet-hulled Sumatran coffee. The isolation and rough terrain surrounding Togos Gopas means the estate is self sufficient in carrying out the whole process from ripe cherries to dried “Asalan” or parchment coffee. This has a direct and positive impact on the final quality as it naturally avoids the negative flavours found in coffees that have been poorly transported throughout the different stages of processing, something that is common in Sumatra.