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Field Report: Burundi 2017

Five Senses CoffeeJacob Ibarra 19 June 2017

Every visit to a foreign country involves a mass downloading of new information. Such a download comprises not only coffee data, but lots of details about what constitutes the culture of the country, what informs agricultural practices and what affects the broader economy. Coffee does not exist in a vacuum, it genuinely reflects the country and region it grows in.

This trip, being our first to Burundi, only reinforced this notion. Filled with such huge potential, yet presented with such visible challenges, the Burundi coffee sector is an incredible mix of good and bad.

Our partners at Long Miles Coffee can only be thought of with the ultimate respect. They have admirably navigated many tough challenges, yet their vision remains strong. Backed by slick operations, their products are fantastic. It is amazing to realise that over the span of just five years, they have built three washing stations; Migoti, Heza and Buckeye. On top of this, they run a successful Coffee Scout Program (for junior agronomists) and have built a reputation for operating with the highest quality and care.

We’re looking forward to sharing these coffees from Burundi in the years to come. Keep a careful eye out for them as we have expanded our portfolio and have some exciting new offerings to add to those we have presented in the past.

Hiking the @longmilescoffee hills with @5sensescoffee 💪🏽

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On top of Gitwe hill making friends 🌄🌌 #coffeefamily #teamlmcp #phdlife

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