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Pixie and the Hawk

Five Senses CoffeeJeremy Hulsdunk 7 September 2017

Torrensville, a suburb skirting the west side of the Adelaide CBD, has always been a little bereft of great brunch options which is unusual given that the suburb has a good balance between offices and residential properties. The buildings here are certainly unique enough to house some creative spaces. However, since opening a couple of months ago, Pixie and the Hawk have really livened up the bourgeoning coffee scene.

Just before they opened, I caught up with Rhys and his wife Emma for a coffee at a local café. Both are massive coffee and food enthusiasts and it was clear that Pixie and the Hawk is more than just a business, it is also their shared passion.

As the proud parent of a fur baby, I’m delighted that Pixie and the Hawk is dog friendly, with an alfresco at the rear of the property which is accessed by a path down the side. The interior of the café is bright and friendly with splashes of greenery providing a homely feel without detracting from the sophistication. It is adorned with a mixture of lounges, small tables and a larger communal table at the front, all within conversation distance of the barista.

The food menu epitomises the welcoming nature of both owners, although it’s Emma who is the food enthusiast and she looks after the kitchen. Rhys describes the menu as, “Reflect(ing) our favourite feeds to have at home like ‘Falafels Up’ or ‘All You Need Is Leek’ or the classic ‘Bacon Bun’ which is jazzed up to make it WOW for the good people of Adelaide”. Rhys says that the menu is there to cater for everyone (regardless of dietary requirements) because,

“Too often you bring a friend to a cafe you like only for them to have one crummy option on the menu because they’re either GF or vegan or dairy free or whatever it might be”.

A Synesso Gen2 is perched proudly on the bench accompanied by a fleet of Mazzer grinders. They’re currently offering Dark Horse as the house blend along with a rotating series of Single Origins. At the moment, Hakuna Matata is rocking shots as the black option and Rhys is experimenting with filter options too. While I was there, I had an Aeropress with the Ethiopian Ardi which was heavy bodied and fruity. Delicious – just like everything else on offer at Pixie and the Hawk.

Pixie and the Hawk
144 Henley Beach Road
Torrensville SA 5031

Opening hours
Wed – Mon: 7:30am – 3:30pm
Tuesday: Closed

Instagram: @pixieandthehawk

© Photos provided with permission by Ryan Cantwell. All rights reserved by photographer

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