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Psychomug: What’s in a name?

Five Senses CoffeeNicole Novak 6 April 2017

Sometimes you discover a café that you just connect with. Something just clicks, like the burrs on a coffee grinder, and all the links simply fall into place.

For me, this happened with the newly opened Psychomug on Rokeby Road. The café has a passionate crew of staff who are inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s films (think Pulp Fiction), a Scottish alternative rock album entitled ‘Psychocandy’ and great customer service.

The dishes at Psychomug are not just delicious and beautifully presented, they are also super healthy! Sean and his team have based all the menu items around clean eating, good fats and high protein. I had no idea how well I was treating my body when I was munching down on tasty, slow poached eggs, pulled pork, hollandaise sauce, green leaves, German Rye bread and crunchy nuts.

The coffee programme at Psychomug is superlative.

A super creamy and balanced Crompton Road is given the spotlight as the house blend and it’s visually perfect, fashioned as it is on a striking MVP Hydra Synesso. This is supported by some sweet options for batch brew and single origins on the EK43, Mazzer Robur and Mythos One. The skilled and impressive crew believe in offering something for everyone – and it just works.

There are also rotating singles for filter brews. I was lucky enough to enjoy a stunning washed Geisha, Luito from Elida Estate in Panama. This manual pour over was treated with the utmost respect for both the coffee and its origin.

Connecting with Psychomug is easy because there is so much to love about it. As for me? I am heading back soon for the ‘Royale with Cheese’. An Angus beef burger based on a line from THAT infamous QT movie; how could I resist?

115 Rokeby Road
Subiaco 6008 WA

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 7am-4:30pm
Sat & Sun: 8am-5:30pm

Facebook: facebook.com/psychomug
Instagram: @psychomug

© Photos provided with permission by Matt O’Donohue from Abstract Gourmet. All rights reserved by photographer.

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