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Resources from the ‘Portrait of Guatemala’ cupping

Five Senses CoffeeAshley Brian 17 December 2014

Our Curated Cupping series, held at both the Victoria and Western Australian Barista Academies plus one of our partnering cafes in Sydney, is an opportunity to showcase microlots from of our range of coffees. Beyond just tasting or cupping the coffees it is also an opportunity to share about relationships forged, various cultures experienced, and the nuances that these coffees represent in a tangible form. This month?s Curated Cupping centres around Guatemala and the diverse and rich landscape of its specialty coffee scene.

Not everyone gets the privilege to go on an origin trip so tonight, 2 out of the 7 farmers, have agreed to give us an in-depth look at their farming ideas and framework for the years to come. Both Paul Starry of Finca San Gerardo and Nando Diaz of Santa Ana were extremely generous to answer a handful of questions for us in the hope of bringing a bit more insight into the coffees of Guatemala.

After hearing from Paul and Nando, they have also asked for information from us. Below is a list of questions that they have asked that we pass on to the specialty coffee community.

Additional resources from tonight?s cupping:

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