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In our journey to bring delicious coffee to life, we come across a range of opportunities that grab at our heart strings and offer us the chance to reach out and impact people positively.

After years of direct trade sourcing, we’ve developed some incredible relationships and been offered a unique insight into the lives of many of our partners at origin. Working with these communities, we’ve embarked on a number of initiatives to lend a helping hand beyond the bean.

Current Projects

Trees for Kibira, Burundi

2018 -

To stabilise the environment and build the soil health of the coffee growing lands in Kayanza province, Burundi, we’re supporting our partners Long Miles Coffee Project in an ambitious reforestation project. Extending the stretches of green from the existing Kibira rainforest, the project will be focusing on the planting of 15,000 seedlings and the establishment of a Forest Scouts programme to support the community with skills and knowledge to bring their lands to life. We’re currently in initial fundraising stages – we’d love to have you involved.

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Tiga Raja, Sumatra

2013 - Present

Dear to our heart, Tiga Raja is the mill we own and operate in the northern Sumatran region of Simalungun. Intimate with the network of small producers we collect from and the mill owners we are partnering with, we are proud of this coffee and confident that it is some of the cleanest processed coffee to come out of Indonesia.

But it hasn’t been an easy journey…

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Completed Projects.

Kintamani, Bali

2008 - 2012

As close neighbours to our north, we’ve had many years of productive involvement with the producers of Kintamani in Bali.

With regular investments in infrastructure, milling knowledge and professional agronomist development, it’s been really exciting to see the progress and engagement grow across the years. Annual trips to the region hosting groups of baristas and cafe owners from across Australia has resulted in some unique and heart lifting relationships with a rich cross-pollination of experiences.

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Nanhi Kali, India

2012 - 2015

For years now, we’ve championed the under-celebrated coffees of India.

There’s something about this country that gets under your skin and infuses you in a way that stays long after you’ve left its shores. Travelling through India in search of coffee, we caught glimpses of life surrounding the farms where the plight of girl children is dire. In a country dominated by a dowry system, the lives of these girls are often chronically disadvantaged. Commonly being seen as an economic disadvantage to the family, these children are sidelined, opportunities withheld from bright young minds.

For the past several years, we’ve enthusiastically driven a fundraising campaign for the Nahni Kali program. Organised by the Naandi Foundation, this effort works towards aiding the plight of these vibrant young girls by providing primary education support. Partnering with a rotating roster of some of our stellar cafes, we’ve raised 10s of thousands of dollars and now support over 190 girls through school each year.

Learn more about Nahni Kali here.

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