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Five Senses feels a strong sense of shared values around excellent quality coffee and social impact with the Long Miles crew. The organisation, attention to detail and positive relationships we saw on the ground were genuinely impressive. We’re excited to be increasing our involvement with Long Miles with both increased purchasing and support some of their development projects.

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Trees for Kibira


Detrimental climate changes and poor soil health in the coffee growing lands of the Kayanza province of Burundi threaten the livelihoods of hundreds of farming families. We’ve got on board to support our partners, Long Miles Coffee Project, who, after extensive community consultation, have embarked upon an ambitious reforestation project. With a goal to extend stretches of green from the existing Kibira rainforest, our initial $22,000 fundraising has seen over 60,000 new indigenous seedlings planted, agronomy staff hired and a nursery program implemented. With some initial success, we’re now embarking on year 2 of implementation!

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Coffee Scout Boots


Boots on the ground in Burundi! We supplied some fresh new boots to the Long Miles Coffee Scouts. These scouts are trained in basic agronomy and roam the Long Miles hills in search of the Antestia bug, as well teaching sustainable farming practices to the local families.

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