We’d like to introduce you to our coffee partner, Nadine Rasch. The founder and Director of Primavera Coffee, Nadine is a force of nature and fourth generation coffee producer (her and her Father Christian Rasch own the magnificent Finca El Hato). She’s been working tirelessly for many years to provide Roasters with a clear and transparent path to work directly with coffee producers in Guatemala and help build long lasting alliances – including ourselves!

Primavera Coffee and sister company La Central de Café, are our allies in Guatemala who represent over 200 coffee producers and have created a collaborative network with a foundation built on equity, transparency and quality.

Nadine was born and raised in Guatemala where she grew up on her family’s coffee farm before hitching a ride to the UK to study and work in the Finance sector….coming full circle back to coffee in 2012. She saw the true potential of specialty coffee to drive some positive and systemic change and launched Primavera a year later (then called Third Wave Coffee Source Ltd) with the sole purpose of connecting the best coffees from Guatemala to roasters in Europe.

La Central de Café followed in 2016 set up specifically as a coffee milling and export operation for Primavera, a complete vertically integrated company! This also opened up great opportunities to connect with Roasters in other parts of the world, including Five Senses Coffee in Australia.