Acaia Pearl Scale

The only scale designed for coffee enthusiasts that monitors the weight, time and flow-rates as you brew coffee.

Master the art of coffee brewing with the Acaia Scale, the only scale designed for coffee enthusiasts that monitors the weight, time and flow-rates as you brew coffee. This simple, modern and minimalistic scale is a rechargeable, water resistant and app connected device all housed in a slick, body that is going to be super useful and fun in helping you prepare the best brewed coffees possible. We’ve also trialed them as dose and beverage weight scales for espresso and they’re pretty nifty at that too!

Specifications & Features

Accuracy: Highest internal resolution up to one million counts allows readability for up to 10th of a gram.
Speed: Ultrafast 20ms response time.
Max Weight: 2000g weight capacity
Stability: Auto zero tracking, creeping compensation technology to provide industrial grade stability.
Built in Stopwatch: Track blooming, pouring and infusion time without a fuss, along with the two-way timer that syncs with the App.
Chargeable: Has a Lithium Ion battery usable for 20-30hrs which recharges via micro-USB
Heat pad/portafilter holder included: the rubber heat buffering pad which is included with the Acaia scale can be flipped upside down to support a portafilter — booyah.
Automated Auto-off Customisation: The acaia will not shut down during coffee brewing, auto-off feature is also customisable with mobile app.
Flash-able firmware: the scale will always be up-to-date
H20 Avoidance: A mono-body construction and touch sensitive buttons dramatically reduce opportunities for water damage.
Clean and Bright Interface: Works in standalone mode and easy to read.
Mobile App Compatible: Works with iPhone and Android with Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

App Compatibility

iOS: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. iPhone 4S (late 2011), iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPod Touch 5th Generation (late 2012), iPad 3rd Generation (early 2012), iPad 4th Generation, iPad Air, iPad Mini 1st Generation, iPad Mini 2nd Generation, iPad Mini 3rd Generation.

Android: 4.3+ devices with BLE support.

BlackBerry: #BlackBerry10, #BBEliteWin.

Check out the full list of apps and compatibility at

Why is black a little more expensive?

Please note: The Acaia Pearl Black scales cost a little more than the White. The black coating of the scale doesn’t let as much light through as the white shell, so Acaia had to beef up the display with brighter LED lights making it more expensive to manufacture.

From: $236.50

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