Acaia Pearl S Scale

The only scale designed for coffee enthusiasts that monitors the weight, time and flow-rates as you brew coffee.

Master the art of coffee brewing with the Acaia Model S, a professional grade that monitors the weight, time and flow-rates as you brew coffee. This simple, modern and minimalistic scale is a rechargeable, water resistant and app connected device all housed in a slick, body that is going to be super useful and fun in helping you prepare the best brewed coffees possible. They also make a great dose and beverage weight scales for espresso!

Features & Specifications

Dimensions: 160 mm(W) x 160 mm(L) x 32 mm(H)
Max Weight: 3000g weight capacity
Display: LED Dot Matrix Display
Power & Battery: Lithium Ion battery usable for 20-30hrs, recharges via micro-USB
Heat pad/portafilter holder included: the rubber heat buffering pad which is included with the Acaia scale can be flipped upside down to support a portafilter, booyah.
Automated Auto-off Customisation: The acaia will not shut down during coffee brewing, auto-off feature is also customisable with mobile app.
Flash-able firmware: the scale will always be up-to-date
H20 Avoidance: A mono-body construction and touch sensitive buttons dramatically reduce opportunities for water damage.
Clean and Bright Interface: Works in standalone mode and easy to read.
Mobile App Compatible: Works with iPhone and Android with Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

App Compatibility

iOS: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. iPhone 4S (late 2011), iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPod Touch 5th Generation (late 2012), iPad 3rd Generation (early 2012), iPad 4th Generation, iPad Air, iPad Mini 1st Generation, iPad Mini 2nd Generation, iPad Mini 3rd Generation.

Android: 4.3+ devices with BLE support.

BlackBerry: #BlackBerry10, #BBEliteWin.

Check out the full list of apps and compatibility at

From: $302.50

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