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iKegger Nitro Coffee System

Deliciously smooth nitro cold brew on tap, in a handy insulated growler!

The perfect picnic / beach day / weekend addition, the iKegger Nitro Coffee System makes serving cold nitro coffee easy! This product includes everything you need to get pouring – just add nitro “cream chargers” & cold brew!

The Nitro Growler Package Includes

The iKegger Coffee Spear

  • This is the part that screws into the mouth of the growler.
  • It has an attachment for the coffee tap.
  • A 75 psi safety pressure release.
  • A N20 bulb inlet valve with bulb cover.

The Nitro Coffee Tap

  • This stainless steel forward sealing style tap is designed for high pressure usage.
  • It’s long tapered spout has a sieve like plate inside that forces the coffee through fine holes to make the dense foam / head.

The Vessel 

  • 2L and 4L Insulated Growlers (will stay cold all day without ice)
  • Only 3/4 of the volume is usable for coffee / cocktails as you need space for the gas.

NOTE: you need to leave one litre of space in the growler to inject the gas bulb into. Therefore a 4L vessel can only hold 3L of coffee at a time.

From: $217.80

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