December Coffee Dripper

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A pourover coffee dripper with a controllable flow rate, providing more control over your extraction.

The December Coffee Dripper is a flat bottomed pourover brewer perfect for making 1-3 cups of delicious filter coffee. The dripper is made from 18-10 stainless steel and is dishwasher safe, making it more durable than many other brewing devices. An adjustable aperture on the bottom allows you to choose a grind size that best suits your coffee without affecting the flow rate of your brew. This all works to simplify the brewing process as well as creating more room to be creative with recipes.

Additional Information

Please be aware that you will need filter papers for brewing, we recommend using the Filter Papers for Kalita Wave.

Brew Guide


  • December Coffee Dripper
  • Filter papers (Kalita Filter Papers)
  • Grinder
  • Digital scales
  • Timer
  • Kettle or urn
  • Cup or vessel

Ingredients & Targets

  • 15g of your favourite filter roast coffee (lighter than espresso)
  • 250g (or ml) of filtered water, or adjust to a Coffee Brew Ratio of 16.7:1 (brew water : coffee)
  • Beverage after brew: ~220g
  • Target TDS: 1.23% ‐ 1.48%


  1. Bring your kettle to the appropriate temp (~95°C).
  2. Insert filter paper into December Coffee Dripper.
  3. Use hot water to thoroughly rinse filter paper and preheat device.
  4. Grind 15g of coffee at a slightly coarser grind than you would use for a Hario V60 or Kalita Wave
  5. Place December Dripper, with pre-wet filter paper on decanting device and scales, add ground coffee and tare the weight.
  6. Set the aperture to setting 0, preventing flow through the dripper.
  7. Pour 50g of 95°C brewing water in the first 15 seconds. This allows the grinds to release the gas they contain and makes it easier to integrate them in to the brew while pouring.
  8. Stir the coffee slurry to ensure all the grounds are wet.
  9. At 30 seconds, open the aperture to setting 2. This will allow coffee to begin dripping from the device into your cup/vessel.
  10. Pour another 100g of brewing water over 20 seconds (during 0:30‐1:00) in a steady circular motion. Start in the centre and spiral out towards the filter paper, then back into the center. Avoid pouring into the gaps of the filter.
  11. Pour another 100g of brewing water over 20 seconds (during 1:30‐1:50).
  12. Brew should be finished in 3:30-4:00 minutes. If your brew finishes too quickly, you can try on aperture 1. If your brew takes too long, you can try using aperture 3.
  13. After all liquid has dispensed, discard the used filter paper and rinse Kalita.
  14. Sit back, relax and sip your deliciously brewed coffee.


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The Adjustable Aperture

The main innovation of the December Dripper is a variable aperture base. The ability to change the number of openings at the bottom of the dripper allows you to slow the flow of water through the dripper, consistently reaching your target brew time.

You have the option of adjusting the December Dripper during the brew or choosing a stage that is optimal for the resulting volume of coffee you intend to prepare.

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