3 Sisters Blend

Celebrating the work of women producers with this blend full of syrupy-sweet praline and ripe pineapple.

We’re excited to announce this limited edition blend featuring coffees brought to us by some incredible women, launching on International Women’s Day and running until Mother’s Day. Much of the world’s specialty coffee is produced by small scale farming families, with significant parts of the production and quality labor provided by women who often don’t receive equal recognition. This blend brings together the work of women producers from Colombia with the Igualdad Mujeres Hombres (washed), Guatemala with the Finca El Hato (washed) and India with the Gensinkerai (washed). Together they create a delicious espresso blend of syrupy-sweet praline and zingy, ripe pineapple for you to enjoy!

Blend Components

El Hato, Guatemala


Gensinkerai, India


Solo Mujeres, Colombia

From: $15.00


Nadine Rasch

Finca El Hato, Guatemala

An absolute force of nature, Nadine is a fourth generation Guatemalan coffee producer and founder of importer, Primavera Coffee. Featuring Finca El Hato in this blend seems especially fitting as the farm was founded by another strong woman, Nadine’s grandmother. Nadine has been leading the way to provide roasters like Five Senses with clear and transparent paths to work directly and positively with coffee farmers in Guatemala. When we asked Nadine what coffee meant to her, she succinctly summed it up as “Emtretlazado” or ‘intertwined’ – “How coffee growing depends on so many factors going well.”

Five Senses Coffee
Five Senses Coffee

H. Jayamma

Sangameshwar Coffee, India

Our relationship with Sangameshwar Coffee in India goes all the way back to 2012 and this pioneering coffee producer is studded with incredible women. Hamsini Appadurai, alongside her husband, Mr. S. Appadurai, is the director of this collection of estates and she has flourished under the mentorship of another legendary coffee woman, Sunalini Menon. Featuring on this blend design is H. Jayamma who, for the past 14 years, has been working at the iconic Veer Attikan estate, home of this small washed lot, Gensinkerai. The word that best captures what coffee means for Hamsini? “Shakthi” – meaning power or source of energy. As Hamsini says,

“No matter what role a woman assumes in life she does command the power to multi task and don many hats each day.

Having that steaming cup of coffee gives her quiet moments to gather her thoughts to tackle her day.

She is indeed Shakthi.”

Five Senses Coffee
Five Senses Coffee

Olga Lucia Henandez

Igualdad Mujeres Hombres, Colombia

Our third coffee, comes not from a single woman but a collective of them – Igualdad Mujeres Hombres (IMH). Around the towns of Quinchia & La Celia in the Colombian Department of Risaralda & Valle del Cauca, these driven women have joined forces to pursue opportunities for economic and social independence. Using workshops to share knowledge, IMH are honing the quality of the coffee coming from their high altitude, unique micro-climate in the Parque Nacional Tatama (Tatama National Park). Representing this collective on our design is Olga Lucia Botero Hernandez, one of the fantastic Q Graders in Colombia who works with our partners at Raw Material to connect IMH to Five “Equidad. Empatía. Unión” – Equity. Empathy. Union.

Five Senses Coffee
Five Senses Coffee
Five Senses Coffee


Five Senses Coffee

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