Cleanskin Blend

Do you love our coffee? And love a bargain? Well here’s an amazing way to save a few dollars.

Each week we roast more coffee than we can use. Some of the coffee is exclusive blends for prestigious cafes across the country, some happens when we roast too much in an effort to meet orders as quickly as possible. Either way, here’s where our great offer comes in. Heard of cleanskins with wine? Well this is the same concept. Only in freshly roasted coffee. Of course!

Additional Information

If you choose to order coffee cleanskins, you will be getting 100% premium roasted coffee that has been roasted within the last seven days. Using your coffee within three weeks from roasting will offer you the best flavours in the cup so you’ll still have lots of time to experiment with.
And then here’s the fun part: You won’t know what coffee you will be getting. It really is a lucky dip. And without a label, it comes cheaper, of course.
What’s not to love? Sit back, brew a cup, put your tasting palate to the test — and enjoy. You deserve it.

From: $42.00

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