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Acacia Hills Gesha Bundle

A unique opportunity to explore Acacia Hills’ Honey and Washed process Gesha lots side by side.

The team at Acacia Hills in Northern Tanzania have, year on year, been experimenting with varietal and processing to uncover a diverse range of flavours in their coffees. Now, thanks to our close relationship with owners Leon and Aideen Christianakis and Mark Stell, we’re excited to offer you the chance to get hold of their Gesha varietal processed two different ways.

Gesha, a notoriously finicky tree, is also renowned for its complex flavours and aromas. In this 3rd fruiting harvest, Leon and Aideen took the cherries of their Gesha trees and processed one lot using the honey technique – removing most of the fruit but leaving on a touch of pulp, increasing the fruit character – and a second lot using the washed process – pulping the cherries, soaking and rinsing to remove the pulp completely prior to drying.

With delicious results from both processes, we’ve bundled a bag of both to treat yourself to!

Note: No further discounts can be used on this coffee.

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Acacia Hills, Honey Gesha

Bergamot & frangipani florals, sherbet peach & candied lemon with a delicate aftertaste.

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Acacia Hills, Gesha

Grapefruit & bergamot tea, elegant acidity with a crisp, short finish.

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