Lamastus Family Geisha Pack

Get ready because this Geisha collection is a cracker!

We’re excited to bring you our Lamastus Family limited release collection. Hailing from the celebrated Boquete region of Panama, the Lamastus family have been farming coffee since 1918. With decades of experience in precise coffee processing behind them, they’ve brought this knowledge to bear on the exotic Geisha variety. Challenging to grow and with small yields, this isn’t a variety for all farmers, or all terroirs, but here, where all of the factors are brought into alignment, the results are some of the most distinguished, elegant coffees in the world.

Whether as a treat for yourself or the ultimate gift for a coffee lover you know, these are some coffees you don’t want to miss out on.

Craft with care, share generously.

Inside the pack
1x 250g bag of Luito Geisha (Washed), roasted for filter.
1x 250g bag of El Burro Geisha (Natural), roasted for filter.

Roast info
Pre-orders received prior to 6am WST Wednesday 8 Feb will be roasted and shipped on Wednesday 8 Feb.

Note: The Lamastus collection is available as whole bean filter roast only. Anything else would be a crime!

Please be aware, no discounts apply on this product.

El Burro Geisha



Aromatic, wild strawberry jam coats the palate with threads of vanilla weaving through.

Farm: El Burro
Processing: Natural

The layered complexity of the Geisha varietal profile paired with the concentration of natural processing – welcome to this micro lot from the El Burro farm. This coffee reveals more and more on each sip.

These lands have been tilled, planted and tended by the Lamastus family for over 50 years. This history and the knowledge gained over those years is evident as you walk through the farm.

Wilford and his family have brought to life, arguably the epitome of what we desire in specialty coffee through a passionate dedication and precision.

Luito Geisha


An incredible peach & lime-like marmalade profile up front leads to intriguing thyme and lemon complexity with a tea-like finish.

Farm: Luito
Processing: Fully Washed

There is so much going on in this cup from the Luito farm! The newest stretch of coffee planting owned by the Lamastus Family Estates, most of the land is perched well above 1700masl along the north side of the Baru volcano.

Nestled in this rich landscape and tended by experienced hands, the result from the Geisha coffee trees planted there is nothing short of stunning. An exemplary representative of a washed process approach to this distinguished variety.


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