Acacia Hills Peaberry

Orange chocolate & molasses with a winey-sweet acidity.

These Peaberries, which naturally occur in around 4% of coffee cherries, ripened on the slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater in northern Tanzania. Careful sorting of the harvest from a 50 year old farm results in this unique Peaberry lot.

Long term partners of Five Senses, Leon and Aideen Christianakis have been refining the processing at Acacia Hills for decades, as this Peaberry lot exemplifies. Resulting from only one seed ripening inside a coffee cherry, these barrel-shaped beans offer a distinctly different flavour of this dramatic terroir. While we’re big fans of the coffees grown at Acacia Hills, we also love the work Leon and Aideen have done to support producer peers in the region, alongside their social impact work with local communities. Delicious and positive!

Tanzania Water Project

After an assessment on water accessibility around Acacia Hills Estate (owned by Portland Roasting Company), it was decided that this was a HUGE need – families were spending six hours a day collecting water. The goal: bring easy water access to over 2000 people!

From building an elephant proof dam to piping water 1.5 miles to the village and setting up multiple 500L tanks, this hasn’t been a small project! Read the most recent report here: Tanzania Water Project

A collaboration that spanned the globe, spearheaded by Portland Global Initiatives (founded by Mark Stell), with Acacia Hills Estate, Portland Roasting Company, and Java Jackets, and a healthy does of support from roasters around the world, such as yours truly.

Suggested Recipe

In: 21.5g
Out: 47g
Time: 30sec
Temp: 94.5°C

From: $17.00


Acacia Hills Estate

This coffee estate in Tanzania is a partnership of growers and roasters. Owned by Mark Stell (Portland Roasting Company) and Leon and Aideen Christianakis (local Tanzanian coffee farmers), this relationship is a powerful combo that works to elevate coffee in the entire Ngorongoro region through a yearly cupping event.

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