Rich marmalade, creamy lemon & floral Bergamot.

A layered, flavoursome coffee from the micro-region of Adado – home to over 7000 farmers. In the southern Ethiopian Gedeo zone (also known as Yirgacheffe), these smallholder farmers are making the most of their medley of heirloom trees and super high altitudes. The slow maturation of coffee cherries at Adado’s 2000-2350masl results in some beautiful flavours, including distinctive citrus and floral characteristics. For this lot from respected importers, Café Imports, 7000 small holder farmers bring their coffee to one of 8 mills in the area before it is transported to the Adado Washing Station. Cherries for this particular lot underwent the washed process – pulped, sorted and carefully dried for a delicious expression of the style this region is celebrated for.

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See the Adado Washing Station in action!

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