Boledu Aricha

Dark fruit cake & mixed berries with a creamy body.

This is a new, exciting relationship for Five Senses. Perth based Ethiopian expats, Utopia Importers, have helped connect us with some quality and socially minded mills in Ethiopia. Boledu Coffee operate four mills, including the one in the town of Aricha, southern Yirgacheffe, where this lot comes from. Over 1200 small holder farmers from the surrounding Idido region deliver ripe cherries to the mill where they’re naturally dried over 6 weeks on raised tables. The result is a coffee full of rich dark fruit cake, studded with mixed berries and a delicious creamy body.

Suggested Recipe

In: 21.5g
Out: 43g
Time: 29sec
Temp: 95°C

From: $15.00

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