Fruity dark choc, hints of spice & winey body.

An hour from the capital, Kigali, this new washing station is processing coffee from 523 farmers. Social enterprise, Raw Material, joins forces with their Rwandan partners, Muraho Trading Company (MTCo) to bring us this delicious natural coffee. Great relationships are the glue connecting the entire coffee chain! For this lot, MTCo, their various Rwandan washing stations including Bumbogo, and our regular partners, Raw Material, all played a part in bringing this coffee to us here at Five Senses… and now to you! Only recently established in 2017, the Bumbogo station is already turning out exceptional coffees from its neighbouring farmers. Ripe cherries, grown at ~1800MASL, are natural processed on raised drying beds, resulting in a consistently delicious cup!

Suggested Recipe

In: 21.5g
Out: 35g
Time: 30sec
Temp: 94.5°C

From: $17.00


Rwanda Appeal

Back in May 2020, devastating rains, flooding and mudslides swept through the coffee producing Nyabihu District in northern Rwanda with a tragic loss of 28 lives and wide spread damage. The legends at Raw Material along with Rwandan in-country representatives, Muraho Trading Co, kicked into action and pulled together some incredible well coordinated, speedy and impactful emergency responses.

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Raw Material is a social enterprise coffee exporter helps maximise the impact coffee can have. Their buying model allows the network of small-holder farms they work with to enjoy a stable and sustainable income. With 100% of the profit generated going to producers, directly through payments for coffee and through community-level investments, Raw Material work to improve more than just the coffee quality but also the local communities.

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