Bungalow Lot

Raisin & dark fruits, deeply floral with a lingering yet balanced finish.

The Bungalow Lot is from one of the highest altitudes Veer Attikan estate has to offer and gets it’s name from being in close proximity to the bungalows that look out over the valley that forms Veer Attikan Estate. This lot has been more moderately influenced by the honey process method applied to bring a focus on complexity, balance and subtle fruit. Expect flavours of sweet raisin and dark fruits, deeply rich floral notes and a lingering yet balanced finish.

Additional Information

Veer Attikan Estate is divided into over 30 distinct ‘fields’ which are kept separate from each other throughout the entire post-production process all the way to the final cupping and selection procedures. Each year, we pick our favorite lots which then make up our Attikan Estate offering. Occasionally, we set aside a couple of bags from our favorite fields, this lot being one of the two micro lots selected this year for limited release.

The Bungalow lot consists mainly of Selection 795 trees that are heavily shaded by a natural fig forest. The variety and altitude change the physical characteristics of the trees noticeably with the tree exhibiting a much deeper, richer colour saturation. You wouldn’t think coffees from the same estate could be so dramatically different but it only takes a few differences in agronomy, processing and terroir to bring about large changes and diversity in the flavour profile.

Expect flavours of dark fruit and raisin, deeply floral with a lingering yet balanced finish.

Suggested Recipe

Temp: 94.5°C
Basket: 20g VST

In: 22g
Out: 44g
Time: 28sec

TDS: 9.4%
EXT Yield: 18.8%

From: $17.00

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