Decaf Excelso

Sweet caramel and hazelnut with rich full body.

This SWISS WATER® Fairtrade Organic is decaffeinated coffee reflecting a philosophy that taste needn’t disappear when the caffeine does. It surges with chocolate before sliding into a long caramel finish. Decaf that tastes like coffee should!

Additional Information

Our Fairtrade Organic Decaf is a made up of Colombian Excelso which are decaffeinated at SWISS WATER® in Vancouver, Canada. The 100% chemical-free SWISS WATER® Process maintains the coffee flavour and complexity, without adding foreign “process” flavours. This unique and patented decaffeinating process also maintains the coffee’s distinct origin characteristics. As one of the only decaffeinating processes in the world with organic certification, the SWISS WATER® Process signifies health, great taste and quality.

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