Decaf Primaveral

Fresh cut pine and sweet bread aroma, milk chocolate and round dark fruit flavours with a smooth lasting finish.

This decaffeinated coffee comes from the same trees as our beloved Primaveral. In fact, by decaffeinating portions of the Primaveral Associations’ crop it enables us to purchase more from the group in total and work towards becoming an even more sustainable partner.

Additional Information

Another great fact is that the decaffeination plant is in Colombia. No longer does it have to go to Mexico, Vancouver or even Germany to be decaffeinated, it simply has to take a quick drive to the Colombian city of Manizales. We thus save an enormous amount of time and resources and can send it regularly to Australia with our Primaveral shipments. Essentially, this translates into fresher, better tasting decaf.

As for the product itself, Ethyl Acetate is increasingly being considered as the best decaf on the market. It even carries a label as a “natural” decaf since the Ethyl Acetate used is a by-product gained from the huge surplus of sugar cane grown in Colombia. In truth, it adds a pleasant sweetness to the coffee and will leave you questioning whether this is actually a decaffeinate coffee or not.

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