El Durazno

Caramelised stone fruits & molasses, heavy body with a lingering/ intense finish.

Sourced on a recent exploratory trip in the region, this coffee was chosen to help diversify the range of micro lot coffees that the team experienced. The farm is in a place called Sam Sur, department of El Progreso in Sierra de Las Minas. One of the heavier bodied Guatemalan’s we have offered with supreme depth and intensity, expect; caramelized stone fruits and molasses, heavy rich and coating body with a lingering/ intense finish.

Additional Information

As with much of the coffee sourced throughout Guatemala, this coffee has been produced via a family owned cooperative in the municipality of San Antonio La Paz. Narrowing down the location, the farm is located in San Sur, department of El Progreso in Sierra de Las Minas.

The coffee is produced within a tight family cooperative with the producer being José Aguilar, uncle of a local leader named Higinio.

Higinio first started a cooperative called Tomastepec that organized the producers from the area. One by one they have been able to start processing regional lots in an attempt to identify and market the many profiles of coffee that come from this region. El Durazno was an easy project as its next door neighbor to don Higinio’s own farm called Las Moritas.

The region is well known for is tropical climate where the summers are much rainier than the winters. With an average temperature of just 21.2 degrees (with little variation year round) and an average altitude of 1700-1900masl the coffee produced from this region has a very long maturation period. These factors lend themselves to complex flavour profiles, nuances gained via a very steady and slow process where high yields tend to be secondary to quality and efficiency.

We hope you enjoy this lot from El Durazno, we believe this will be one of many offerings from the many farmers within this region and hopefully the start of more seasonal micro lots in the future.

Suggested Recipe

Basket: 20g
Temp: 94.5°C

In: 21.5g
Out: 45g
Time: 28sec

From: $17.00

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