Finca Maputo

Herbal tea, lavender & candied orange with a creamy texture.

We have been buying coffee from Henry and Verena Gaibor now for several years. Year on year, they’ve delivered a beautiful product via their three Ecuadorian farms. While we enjoy all of their coffee, we especially love this Typica variety out of Finca Maputo, their original farm. This coffee has great floral notes balanced with candied citrus tones and a chocolate undertone. Enjoy!

Additional Information

Maputo is in La Perla – which is in the North-West region of Pichincha province to the north of Ecuador nearing the Colombian border. Most of the Andean growing region in Ecuador is incredibly picturesque, however when standing at the top of Finca Maputo, you quite literally are in the clouds and eyeing a smoking volcano in the distance. It’s obvious just how special and beautiful this farm is.

Initially discovered via the Taza Dorada and after many blind cuppings, we were quite surprised to see the farm’s average altitude at only 1350masl.

But, after spending some time with owners Henry and Verena Gaibor we learned a little bit more about the microclimate and just how they could produce such high scoring coffees.

Close to the Equator, humidity levels are high and most of the farm is covered in a hanging mist each afternoon (similar to Veer Attikan in India) which makes you feel like you are quite literally in the clouds. Warm temperatures during the day help with photosynthesis and sugar production while cool night temperatures slow down cellular respiration resulting in more sucrose left in the coffee.

Yet, despite the idyllic growing conditions, it is the operation and handling of the land by Henry and Verena Gaibor that bring it all together. Henry, a former veteran surgeon and war doctor and Verena a former midwife met in Bujumbura, Burundi, bring a ‘medical’ and methodical approach to the coffee production. Couple that with great passion, and it is clear why the coffee is so beautiful.

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