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On our last trip to Burundi we dropped local fruit into the ferment tanks of two very small parcels of cherry to see what would happen…

There are a lot of reasons why we’re excited about our relationship with the Long Miles Project in Burundi; they’re a great bunch of humans, doing some great social impact work and bringing some cracking Burundian coffees to life. On top of that, we get to do fun experiments with them!

Delicious coffees like these are only possible if the environmental and economic conditions are sustainable for the farmers responsible for them. The Kayanza region of Burundi, where these coffees come from, is in real danger of becoming unviable for specialty coffee in the near future due to climate impact and poor soil health. That’s why we’re putting 100% of the profits from this kit towards the ambitious Trees for Kibira reforestation project. Big thanks for supporting this important cause!

Roast info
All order will be roasted and shipped on Tuesday 17 July, make sure your order is in before 6am WST.

In the collection
3x 150g tins of filter roast coffee.

Giving Back

To stabilise the environment and build the soil health of the coffee growing lands in Kayanza province, Burundi (where this coffee comes from!) we’re supporting our partners Long Miles Coffee Project in an ambitious reforestation project. Extending the stretches of green from the existing Kibira rainforest, the project will be focusing on the planting of 15,000 seedlings and the establishment of a Forest Scouts programme to support the community with skills and knowledge to bring their lands to life. Learn More…

Nkonge Hill Natural

Populated by small holder farmers, the Nkonge Hill is one of our favourites feeding into the Heza Washing Station in the Kayanza province. This natural process lot is in some ways our control for this experimental collection with no additional fruit added. In the cup, it shows just how delicious the unaltered coffee is; caramelised peach and molasses with a sticky-sweet mouthfeel ending super smoothly.

Nkonge Hill Passionfruit

The pulp from local passionfruit was added to the de-pulped cherries in tanks during the fermentation phase. Following this, the coffee was rinsed and underwent the normal procedure for fully washed coffees. The results have been spectacular as the natural flavours of the passionfruit and coffee combine to create a unique medley distinguished from standard washed lots. Expect raspberry and cranberry, a big buttery body with a long, lavender aftertaste.

Nkonge Hill, Orange

In this lot, oranges were cut and added to the de-pulped cherries in tanks during the fermentation phase. They were then rinsed and put through a round of standard full-wash. As with the passionfruit experiment, there was a distinct blending of the inherent coffee flavour and the orange, resulting in mango and sparkling pineapple flavours and a creamy body with all of that fruit drawing to a sweet finish.

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