Aus Bushfires

$1 from every bag of coffee sold in Jan is going to Bushfire relief. More Info

But please note, couriers are also affected and there are slight delays in delivery times. Please be patient – packages will be delivered as soon as safely possible.

Gitwe Hill Natural

Honey dew and cherry wine gums, rich juicy body & a sweet fruity finish.

Under the Long Mile Project banner, this natural process coffee is the first in a series from an exciting collaboration between the Gitwe Community and the nearby Heza washing station. With Gitwe’s unique micro-climate, high attention to detail in pruning and mulching the trees, combined with the station’s ideal conditions guarantee exquisite flavours in the cup. You’ll find vibrant honeydew and cherry wine-gum flavours, a big juicy body and a sweet, fruity finish.

From: $17.00

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