Gitwe Hill, Washed

Floral & stone fruit flavours, juicy body with a delicate finish.

This washed iteration of Gitwe Hill is from the collaboration between the Gitwe Community and the nearby Heza Washing Station. Heza is built into the face of a cliff overlooking the Kibira rainforest; the border of Burundi and Rwanda. The rainforest looms only 2.4 miles in the distance. The washed Gitwe Hill presents in a more delicate nature and highlights the flavours from this terroir rich environment. You can expect floral influences, stone fruit and dark fruit flavours and a delicate finish.

Giving Back

To stabilise the environment and build the soil health of the coffee growing lands in Kayanza province, Burundi (where this coffee comes from!) we’re supporting our partners Long Miles Coffee Project in an ambitious reforestation project. Extending the stretches of green from the existing Kibira rainforest, the project will be focusing on the planting of 15,000 seedlings and the establishment of a Forest Scouts programme to support the community with skills and knowledge to bring their lands to life. Learn More…

Suggested Recipe

Temp: 95°C
Basket: 20g VST

In: 21.5g
Out: 46g
Time: 28sec

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