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Wine gums & golden raisins, smooth body with a brown sugar aftertaste.

Surrounded on all sides by nature reserves, Karadykan estate is a stunning convergence of a natural rainforest canopy, a side crop of sprawling pepper vines growing up most of the large trees, and a variety of wildlife who wander around the estate! Of the four estates operated by Sangameshwar Coffee, Karadykan is relatively low in altitude, but smart farming practices of growing Catimor (known for lower altitude performance and disease resistance) have been implemented. While washed Catimors can often struggle in the cup, this lot is a great example of how precise processing methodology can have a massive impact on the cup quality, displaying a balanced yet fruit forward profile. Think wine gums, golden raisins, a milk chocolate body and sweet brown sugar aftertaste!

Suggested Recipe

In: 21.5g
Out: 45g
Time: 27sec
Temp: 95°C

From: $17.00

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