Juicy, tropical fruit medley with a creamy body & amazing balance.

Gathered around the drying tables of Communal Shamba in southern Tanzania was Five Senses and the entire board of the Mkulima Kwanza coop; the first time a coffee roaster had visited them. The resulting relationship has given rise to this selectively picked lot, translating as ‘Beloved’, a unique expression of the region that’s generating premiums flowing down the supply chain to fund a regional health clinic and primary school. Delicious coffee paired with positive impact? Sign us up!

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Five Senses x Communal Shamba

Kerembe & Mkunde – Founders of Communal Shamba

We’re incredibly proud to share the story of Communal Shamba, a fledgling Tanzanian coffee collective producing the kind of coffee we’re super proud of. Founders of Communal Shamba, husband and wife team, Keremba Warioba and Dr Mkunde Chachage worked and studied in Australia for over 10 years. Although they had no coffee experience, a strong passion for agriculture and social impact inspired us to offer support in getting their fledgling business off the ground with an open door to training and a commitment to buy their first harvest sight-unseen.
Returning to Tanzania in 2017, Keremba and Mkunde partnered with farmer co-op Mkulima Kwanza and our initial faith was rewarded with a delicious crop and immediate fans. Now, five harvests in, the business is bringing recognition and funds into a community historically mired in commercial coffee. It’s not just delicious though – backed by Dr Chachage’s medical know-how and strong collaboration with the community, the sale of their coffee is funding some valuable expansions for the local primary school and health clinic literally amongst the coffee farms. Great coffee and positive impact? This is what gets us up in the morning!
Five Senses were the first coffee roasters to and, gathered around the sorting tables, we naturally began to talk about the opportunities for quality improvement, especially cherry ripeness. While selective picking was a new conversation, the Mkulima Kwanza members immediately identified the opportunity and took action the very next day where we arrived at farms to find bulging bags of pristine, ripe cherries. The results of this latest selective picking – aptly named Kipenzi or ‘Beloved’ in Swahili – are a delicious testament to the work of Communal Shamba and Mkulima Kwanza.

Suggested Recipe

In: 21.5g
Out: 43g
Time: 30sec
Temp: 94.5°C

From: $17.00


Get to know: Communal Shamba

Like every good superhero backstory, Communal Shamba came about through a chance encounter with something extraordinary. It’s 2016. Keremba Warioba and Dr Mkunde Chachage, two home-town Tanzanians who had spent the last 10 years working and studying in Melbourne, stumbled in to one of our Curated Cupping events. While their family back home grew coffee, they had virtually no coffee experience – but they had a strong passion for agriculture and social impact…

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Keremba Warioba and Dr Mkunde

Keremba Warioba & Dr Mkunde Chachage

the first ever coffee buyers Mkulima Kwanza

The first ever coffee buyers Mkulima Kwanza had ever met!

Five Senses Coffee

Kerembe at MICE sharing Communal Shamba coffee.

Five Senses Coffee


Five Senses Coffee


Five Senses Coffee

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