La Nueva Montana

Plum sweetness, cherry chocolate with rum & raisin and brown sugar.

A delicious natural lot from Guatemala, born from quality processing and a care for the natural environment.

East of Guat city and nestled between two volcanoes, Antonio Gonzales is bringing a sense of mindfulness to his coffee.

You can see it in each step; from selective picking of perfectly ripe cherries to the constant turning and sorting as the whole fruit dry in this natural process lot over 28 days. You can hear it in Antonio’s consideration for the health of the environment, his desire to support other producers in the region and his hopes for his children to go to university. And this considered approach has resulted in a truly delicious coffee that we’re stoked to share with you!

Suggested Recipe

In: 22g
Out: 46g
Time: 27sec
: 95

From: $17.00


Get to know: Primavera Coffee

Founded by 4th generation coffee grower, Nadine Rasch, Primavera is pairing their detailed expertise of Guatemalan coffee with a rigorous approach to transparency to help farmers achieve the best price possible for their delicious coffees. We’re proud to stand alongside them as participants in the Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide.

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