La Virgen

Fresh orange acidity, layered on caramel fudge with a delicate floral finish.

After four producers in the region of Guadalupe recognised that the return on quality was not being met, they got together to form an association called Villa Esperanza. Now 100 members strong, the association has improved the quality and wellbeing of its members redirecting sales of their coffee to the Specialty Coffee market. La Virgen is sourced from 9 of the Villa Esperanza members and is a representation of this groups quality focus. Expect flavours of honeysuckle florals and sundried tomatoes with a caramel fudge aftertaste.

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On December 12, 1715, Francisca Salazar, the daughter of a very wealthy Spanish landowner called Francisco de Salazar y Barrios y Petronilla Valdes, donated three hectares of land from her hacienda to erect a town that would be named to honour the Virgin of Guadalupe. Tragically, a huge earthquake struck in 1827 and destroyed the town. A year later, the town was rebuilt and renamed “Guadalupe”.

Four coffee growers came together with the idea of creating an association to improve their income and their quality of life through the joint commercialization of their coffees. They wanted to export high volumes, achieve higher prices and gain recognition for the quality of their coffee.

The region enjoys a split harvest season with the main season being April-June and the second being October-January. The lot is a traditional ‘fully washed’ coffee that undergoes a fermentation time of 14-24 hours in micro-mills at farm level. On average 40% of the coffee is grown under shade trees with the more common being fruiting trees such as plantain, Chachafruito, Guamo and Nogal trees. Local-level parabolic and patio drying are most common with the final stages of controlled drying occurring once coffees are brought into the Villa Esperanza production facility.

Suggested Recipe

In: 22g
Out: 44g
Time: 28sec
Temp: 94.5°C

From: $17.00

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