Las Lajas, Red Honey

Plum & raspberry jam, supreme balance with a smooth milk chocolate finish.

We are not sure who started the trend, but Dona Francisca and Don Oscar Chacon have had a major hand in popularising the various ‘honey’ processes out of Costa Rica. This harvest, their honey coffees were absolute brilliant and this ‘red’ honey was clearly a standout. Dried with most of the coffee’s mucilage intact and raked once in the morn and again in the afternoon the result is a very fruit orientated coffee. And that’s what you get – think raspberry jam and plum with a great body and beautiful balance!

Hint: try alongside sibling coffee Las Lajas, Black Honey.

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Nestled in the foothills of the Poas Volcano, Francisca Chacon and her husband Oscar run Las Lajas, a farm that has been in their family for over 80 years. Their land is located in Costa Rica’s central valley micro-region of Sabanilla where they practice traditional agriculture using organic materials for fertilization.

With nutrient rich volcanic soils, altitudes between 1300–1500 masl and a strong focus on organic practices, environmental impact and attention to detail; this family run farm has been able to produce some outstanding and award winning washed, honeyed and natural coffees.

This particular coffee is a ‘red’ honey, as opposed to a white, yellow or black honey. The idea behind the red honey is to slow down the rate of drying. So, this coffee is laid on raised beds and is only raked or turned over once in the morning and then again once in the afternoon. What results is a very fruit orientated honey coffee – often more so than certain naturals.

This coffee shined on the cupping table with notes of plum and raspberry jam.

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