Leonid Ramirez

Orange tart & cherry, silky body with a sweet, lingering finish.

For the 3rd year, we welcome back the delicious coffee of Leonid Ramirez of Finca La Cortina de Hierro in Colombia! The Quindio region – with its high altitudes, volcanic soils and temperate climate – is well known for its quality coffee. On our previous visits to Leonid, it was clear how effectively he’s taken this beneficial foundation and matched it with careful farm management and processing of the ripe cherries. This attention to detail has delivered a great cup of coffee! Using the washed method, the cup offers orange tart and cherry flavours with a silky body and a sweet, lingering finish.

Additional Information

We’re always excited when Leonid’s coffees arrive. Over the past 3 harvests, the distinctive and elegant flavours of the various lots we’ve purchased have garnered a strong fan base. While we didn’t get to visit Leonid in Colombia this year, it’s great to be able to still celebrate his work with a brew or two! This season, we purchased a small lot processed using the Black Honey method and another Washed lot.

Being able to offer these coffees is a collaborative effort with the fine folk from Cofinet Exporters who have closely worked with Leonid in refining his processing methods. They’ve provided on the ground support, with advice on farming practices and the transition to processing the majority of his coffee at a local farm level, allowing for greater control.

This relationship isn’t all about just the delicious coffee though. Through Cofinet, we purchase these lots from Leonid at up to four times the local market price, which in turn has allowed Leonid to invest back into the farm as well as improvements to his family’s living conditions. Specialty coffee that drives positive impact? You know that’s what we’re all about!

Suggested Recipe

In: 21.5g
Out: 46g
Time: 28sec
Temp: 94.5°C

From: $17.00

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