Lima Putri

Sweet honeydew with a syrupy brown sugar body & smooth finish.

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Coffee is a seasonal product and often comes and goes. While we’re out of this origin, see below for some similar flavour profiles currently available!

An experimental lot out of the Five Senses owned Tiga Raja Mill, the Lima Putri, or 5 Daughters, is a rare exploration into  naturally processed Sumatra coffee. This unique melting pot of terroir and processing presents an incredibly dynamic cup. Hints of the fruit to come arise in the aromatics before you’re inundated with layers of tropical fruits on the first sip – honey dew melon and guava pop forward with fresh juicy acidity before mellowing into a silky brown sugar finish.

Additional Information

Establishing our Tiga Raja Mill in Simalungun, Sumatra has given us the ability to trial working directly with a single farm to create a micro lot naturally processed coffee.

Three years ago, I visited a small farm located north east of Lake Toba in northern Sumatra – a bumpy two hour drive from our Tiga Raja Mill based in Saribu Dolok. The farm is run by a local family with five daughters, hence the name ‘Lima’ (Five) and ‘Putri’ (Daughter), and is your typical small to medium sized coffee producing farm with a fairly new background in coffee production.

Working directly with a single farm and implementing the skills of Lisa Matthews from Lisa and Leo’s Organic, allowed us to have meticulous control throughout this project. This is a necessity when producing a quality natural coffee especially since this is the first time this farmer has produced cherry for specialty natural processing. Lisa and Leo’s Organic have been instrumental in this project’s success, overseeing all aspects of production for this natural coffee including transporting the cherries, sorting and drying, training farm staff on picking ‘ripes’, and the implementation of funded farm improvements. What we have been able to produce in Lima Putri is far from typical; in fact we think you would be hard-pressed to find a natural Sumatran coffee of this caliber in production.

It has been a cooperative investment that has resulted in an improved production yield and higher cup quality for our final naturally processed product. The farmer has had a small but meaningful investment made to them and in turn this small partnership has yielded a natural product that is unparalleled to anything coming from the region.

Expect flavours of sweet honeydew, syrupy brown sugar body with a smooth finish.

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