Los Nacimientos

Dark stone fruits, cherry & cocoa nibs with a lingering toasted honey aftertaste.

Located near the beautiful Laguna de Ayarza lake, south east of the Guatemalan capitol in the Santa Rose Department, is Finca Los Nacimientos. With a local meaning of ‘The Spring’, this gem of a farm is owned and operated by Minor Salazar and his family. Harvesting, picking and processing the coffee across 70 hectares of farm requires many seasonal workers – an increasingly difficult task due to labour costs soaring and the local prices (thanks to the C price) being incredibly low. Despite recent woes, Minor has remained focused on quality and aims to continue building on his quality levels, which is evident in this coffee! Expect dark stone fruits, cherry & cocoa nibs with a lingering aftertaste.

Additional Information

Los Nacimientos has suffered a severe Roya attack in recent years which has decimated 60% of their crop. His neighboring farm was abandoned by the farmer and Minor is fighting hard to stay afloat by planning a replanting program. Minor and the Nacimientos farm will be Dependant on help to implement a rebuild program post Roya so we are teaming up with our export and import partners to support his desire to replant a nursery guided by the WCR institute.

Despite these recent woes, Minor’s focus still remains on quality and producing coffee to a standard that exceeds specialty benchmarks.

We are viewing this new relationship through the lens of our B-Corp approach to procurement with an attempt to dig in and understand how we can build a meaningful relationship with this farmer. All the key chains to this supply are on board; farmer, exporter, importer and buyer (us) to build a supply line that reflects transparency and sustainability.

Suggested Recipe

Basket: Pullman 19-22g 
In: 22g
Out: 44g
Time: 28sec
Temp: 94.5°C


From: $15.00

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