Bursting with tropical guava, strawberry, ripe melon & hints of cocoa.

What a flavour-packed coffee! The pioneering Vava Coffee brings us this natural process from the Mlama Farm on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in north Tanzania. Farm owner, Alejandro Galante, joins a team with over 30 years of coffee production, training and exporting experience who are not only turning out high quality coffee, but are investing in community with food for 38 local schools, funding medical checkups along with women and youth training programs. So good! The expertise behind this farm really shows in the cup; vibrant yet balanced tropical guava, strawberry and ripe melon are joined by hints of cocoa in this exciting coffee.

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Vava Coffee

Vava Specialty Coffee is a social enterprise in Nairobi with a subsidiary in the US, that seeks to cause positive social and economic disruption within the coffee industry and create sustainable livelihoods for smallholder farmers as well as integrate more women and youth within the entire supply chain.

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