Naga Saribu

Layered, finely balanced root beer & cola with an elegant resonating aftertaste.

The work at our Tiga Raja mill in Sumatra has turned out some incredible results, but this coffee is special. Representing the small holder farmers of Naga Saribu, it was unanimously chosen in a groundbreaking public cupping. With the purchase of the lot we’ve received not only a delicious coffee but also the opportunity to celebrate a community normally bulked into regional collection. Expect flavours of root beer & cola with a layered and balanced structure that ends in an elegant resonating aftertaste.

Additional Information

Last year as part of our November themed Curated Cupping ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ we brought in a number of sub regions from Sumatra. These regions form the catchment area of parchment supply to our mill, Tiga Raja. Across the country we put it to the public, to taste and vote for favorite lot: the results were unanimous!

Naga Saribu is located on the northern tip of Lake Toba. By default, regions around this ancient inactive volcano benefit from 1500+ altitudes, rich volcanic soils and temperate micro climates. But beyond these natural benefits (that are ideal for Arabica coffee quality), what really sets this coffee apart is the care and attention of the small holder farmers in the region to produce parchment with very low defect levels.

A great sign that the members of this sub regions collective have a mature understanding of producing quality parchment for our mill and the specialty market.

Further to this, this coffee also underwent some of our first mill based trials using raised drying beds. This drying procedure is utilised all over the world as a means to help increase drying capacity and cup quality. The hand made layered drying tables allow the air to dry the coffee on all sides encouraging even drying and (from these tests) also promotes a cleaner more balanced cup profile.

More information about Tiga Raja mill:

Small holder farmers in and around the region of Simalungun in Sumatra supply the coffee to the small, specialty-focused Tiga Raja Mill. The Simalungun region has long been an agricultural powerhouse and its location north east of Lake Toba means it is rich in volcanic soils, temperate/stable climates and a range of altitudes which are perfect for growing Sumatran coffee.

Tiga Raja operates in partnership with a local parchment supply network and highly skilled mill operators. This partnership both refines the supply chain and reduces the number of middle men (who take a cut from the parchment price instead of it going to the farmer).

We have isolated and separated this Limited Release to bring focus, appreciation and traceability to this small Sub Region.

We believe effort deserves reward and highlighting these small holders effort to produce an elegant, clean and balanced Sumatran of this caliber has reserved it’s place as a Limited Release – we hope you enjoy their efforts, chosen by the people!

Expect flavours of Root beer & cola with a layered and balanced structure that ends with an elegant resonating aftertaste.

From: $17.00


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