Boozy rum & raisin, apricot sweetness, soft, delicate finish.

The region where this lot is produced is called Gatara Commune and is located in the Kayanza Provence. Gatara Commune is particularly known for their cattle production and, in most cases, coffee is more of a secondary crop. After each farmers’ cherries have been selected, weighed and recorded, these Bourbon coffee cherries are laid out in a single layer on traditional African raised beds to dry in its whole fruit. The cherries are then hand-sorted for color, ripeness and insect damage by a team of pickers. Expect boozey rum and raisin, apricot sweetness with a soft, delicate finish.

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Get to know: Long Miles Coffee Project

Five Senses feels a strong sense of shared values around excellent quality coffee and social impact with the Long Miles crew. The organisation, attention to detail and positive relationships we saw on the ground were genuinely impressive. We’re excited to be increasing our involvement with Long Miles with both increased purchasing and support some of their development projects.

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The Long Miles Cupping Lab.

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The drying tables of Heza, on Gitwe Hill.

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Park ranger in Kibira, Long Miles are working to reforest this area.

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