Pairing: Ardi & Strawberry

What better way to celebrate coffee, chocolate and berries than with a pairing!

Our Ardi from Ethiopia was the most favoured coffee from the recent Melbourne International Coffee Expo and we’re stoked with the mixed berry flavour, jammy texture & lingering dark choc finish we’re finding in the cup! To celebrate, grab this limited pairing of Ardi and freeze-dried strawberries coated in milk couverture.

Note: coupons are not applicable to this pairing.

About Ardi from Ethiopia

Hailing from the birthplace of coffee, the Ardi epitomises natural processed Ethiopian Sidamas. You can probably smell the fruits from it now, full of blueberry and cherry up front, the cup develops into stewed stonefruit and dark choc on the finish.

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About Strawberries

Made by Xocolatl, a family run Melbourne chocolatier, these freeze-dried strawberries are coated in smooth milk couverture.

Ingredients: milk chocolate (sugar, coca butter, whole milk powder, coca mass, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla)(85%), freeze-dried strawberries (15%).

About Xocolatl

As a family, since the very beginning, our philosophy has been to create the most superior and eclectic couverture products.

When creating our couverture products what excites us and keeps our passion alive is experimenting with ingredients. While we are inspired by and respect tradition, we are driven by innovation.

To produce unique flavour experiences for our customer, Xocolatl explores both the exotic and savoury, developing combinations that surprise the palate and generate a new perspective on what chocolate can be. Equally important is to respect the integrity of our ingredients so we use only what is fresh and of the highest quality available.

Our boutique stores are where we can share our passion for chocolate. We are service orientated and always hope to provide a relaxed and comforting ambience in store for those who visit. However, what we hope most of all is that when you leave us after devouring a decadent treat, you were able to taste our secret ingredient – love.

– The Partsioglou Family


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