Raimutin, Natural

Honeydew melon & raspberry with rich chocolate & boozy fruit cake.

Timor-Leste is one of the world’s youngest countries and has a tumultuous history. Dwindling oil production has seen a recent economic upheaval with agriculture, and in particular coffee production, set to be one of it’s most vital exports. Yield and quality are typically low for most Timor-Leste farmers but, with Raw Material’s help, they are raising coffee quality, increasing productivity and building international demand for their coffee. These initiatives ensure that producer incentives and payments are captured directly by those most marginalised. Expect honeydew melon & raspberry with rich chocolate & boozy fruit cake.

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Raw Material

Raw Material is a social enterprise focused on impact for coffee farming communities worldwide. 100% of the profit they generate goes to producers, directly through payments for coffee and through community-level investments. Raw Material works with a network of smallholder farmers and dedicated global coffee buyers to facilitate trade at stable, sustainable prices while improving coffee quality, yields and community outcomes. A little bit famous in underground development circles for extremely low-cost, high-impact investments.

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