Rancho Tio Emilio

Sweet nougat, dark fruit, a balanced acidity & white pepper finish.

From a unique micro climate which sees the Rancho Tio Emilio farm covered in a thick layer of fog in the afternoons, this coffee is clean and crisp with sweet nougat, dark fruit, a balanced acidity & white pepper finish. Only producing for five years, already this coffee is singing.

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Another coffee gem we’ve unearthed, we welcome back to our line up the delicious Rancho Tio Emilio. This is one of two elegant coffees from the little known origin of Ecuador, a small South American country which we’ve found has a big potential for excellent specialty coffee. Very little coffee is exported from Ecuador each year, which makes these offerings even more important to savour.

Rancho Tio Emilio, previously known simply as Maputo, shares much in common with its neighbouring farm, Hakuna Matata, also under the Maputo umbrella. Both are under the dedicated, methodical care of Henry and Verena Gaibor, who have swapped their lives in Burundi with Doctors Without Borders for the roles of increasingly accomplished specialty coffee producers.

The farm is located in La Perla, a north-west region of the Pichincha province of Ecuador and offers up a unique micro climate in which to grow coffee. High humidity results in a shifting mist in the latter part of the day which dissipates as the temperature drops significantly in the night. This contrast between a hot day and cold night drives a sweetness in the coffee development that really shines in the cup.

Matching these beneficial climate conditions is the meticulous care taken by the Gaibors in the operation of Rancho Tio Emilio. With the precision of a surgeon, Henry is doing everything right when it comes to picking, processing and drying and has his farm divided into different lots growing different varieties (Typica, SL28, Bourbon, Kaffa and Caturra). Their focus on people is just as integral with Henry attributing much of the success and uniqueness of their coffee to the passion and ownership by all of the workers involved in the farm.

Rancho Tio Emilio is beautifully clean and crisp with sweet nougat, dark fruit, a balanced acidity & white pepper finish. While not as layered as its neighbour, Hakuna Matata, Rancho Tio Emilio is a consistently delicious cup that is a celebration of the hard work put in by Henry and Verena Gaibor. It will no doubt win you over and have you dreaming of visiting the misty hills of Ecuador. Bottoms up!

Thanks to our friends at Café Imports who have loaned us their great interview on Henry and Verena Gaibor of Maputo:

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