Red Villamaria

Strawberry bubblegum joined by bright red currant & dark cherry.

Deep in the Villarazo region of Colombia, pioneering coffee social enterprise Raw Material has supported 30 smallholder families to establish their Red Villamaria association, empowering with skills and infrastructure. In an inspiring move, these Colombian farmers reached out to their Rwandan peers suffering from devastating landslides, donating part of their profit. And the coffee funding this impact is delicious! Ripe coffee is naturally processed, dried with fruit in-tact, for a vibrant cup of strawberry bubble gum, joined by bright red currant and dark cherry.

More about the Red Villamaria families

In the Five Senses pursuit of specialty coffee with a positive impact, the right relationships are key. Our partnership with the team at social enterprise, Raw Material, has unlocked an opportunity to support farming families in Colombia to achieve stable and sustainable prices. A critical step towards this is the establishment of Red (‘network’ in Spanish) Associations – allowing small scale producers to join forces for improved infrastructure, knowledge and resources.

In this case, 30 families in the Villarazo region have come together under the Red Villamaria banner and have a dedicated drying station located 500 meters down the mountain from their farms. This lower altitude offers hotter temperatures for faster, even drying, perfect for natural and honey processes and a general improvement of quality, ensuring higher value for the coffees.

Suggested Recipe

In: 22g
Out: 45g
Time: 29sec
Temp: 94.5°C

From: $17.00


Rwanda Appeal

In a move that speaks volumes about the culture and community Raw Material is engendering, in 2020, after hearing about landslides that had devastated fellow farmers working with Raw Material in Rwanda, the families of Red Villamaria decided that they would send a portion of their coffee profits from this lot of coffee to the support appeal. Some inspirational stuff that we were very happy to follow the lead of, with the purchase of this delicious coffee and our own added donation to the Go Fund Me Rwanda Appeal.

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More on Raw Material

Raw Material is a social enterprise coffee exporter helps maximise the impact coffee can have. Their buying model allows the network of small-holder farms they work with to enjoy a stable and sustainable income. With 100% of the profit generated going to producers, directly through payments for coffee and through community-level investments, Raw Material work to improve more than just the coffee quality but also the local communities.

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