Rodrigo Cortez, Tabi

Guava & plum, juicy mouth feel & a sweet finish.

Complementing their previous focus of hi-yielding, disease resistant cultivar development, Colombia’s Coffee Research Institute has released the Tabi varietal – a cross of the Bourbon and Typica varietals with Hybrido de Timor. Planting out his farm in San Augustin, Huila with this newer cultivar, Rodrigo Cortez has grown a coffee that is beautifully balanced. Don Rodrigo’s Tabi is heavy in body whilst delivering gentle floral, Guava and Plum notes.

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This microlot is 100% Tabi. A variety that you are sure to see more of in the coming years. Not only is it exceedingly disease resistant and high yielding but was bred to have high quality in the cup. To achieve the Tabi, Colombia’s Coffee Research Institute crossed the Bourbon and Typica varietals with a Timor Hybrid.

This particular Tabi was grown and harvested by Rodrigo Cortez and his family. His farm is just outside of San Agustin, Huila – one of our favorite areas of Colombia.

The Cortez family ensures that only the ripest cherries are picked and then depulped right after picking.

It is then left to ferment, with little to no water, for close to 20 hours. Afterwards the coffee is sun-dried on concrete patios to an ideal moisture content. During the warmer hours of the day (12:00pm-2:00pm) Don Rodrigo will close the concrete patio roof to ensure that the coffee is not dried at more than 40 degrees Celcius.

Don Rodrigo’s Tabi shows us what this variteal can be and definitely lives into its namesake – Tabi means good in the guambiano dialect.

Suggested Recipe

Temp: 95°C
Basket: 20g VST

In: 21.5g
Out: 44g
Time: 30sec

TDS: 9.2%
EXT Yield: 18.6%

From: $17.00

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