Candied red apple, blood orange with a delicate acidity & buttery body.

In collaboration with Raw Material and their producer partners Muraho Trading Company (MTC), we’ve landed some amazing coffee from the Rugali washing station. Located next to the village of Rwamiko, Nyamasheke District, coffee is purchased from about 140 smallholder local families. Running six washing stations throughout Rwanda (including Rugali), MTC has been a key innovator in processing methods. Joining forces with regular Five Senses partner, social enterprise Raw Material, MTC is also working to support their coffee community with improved production quality, higher prices and connection to coffee lovers around the world. This lot of Bourbon cherries grown at 1550masl+ is carefully sorted, pulped and sorted again before drying on traditional African raised beds for 21 days. Delicious and threaded with positive impact!

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Rwanda Appeal

Back in May 2020, devastating rains, flooding and mudslides swept through the coffee producing Nyabihu District in northern Rwanda with a tragic loss of 28 lives and wide spread damage. The legends at Raw Material along with Rwandan in-country representatives, Muraho Trading Co, kicked into action and pulled together some incredible well coordinated, speedy and impactful emergency responses.

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Raw Material is a green coffee production and trading company. Our goal is to connect growers to roasters in a way that improves price stability at the farm level, distributing income more equitably along the supply chain.

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